Accord Systems launches Forms Express to lessen the burden of ACA reporting

Published on 04/23/2018

Compliance. It's become a burdensome although critical part of the Human Resource equation. In three years of serving clients of all sizes, differing levels of complexity across many industries, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the requirements the ACA has placed on employers, as well as the impact on time and resources compliance has on HR, benefits and payroll.

This experience has led us to develop Forms Express. Our mission is to create the most efficient software and process available for those employers who need to devote 30 minutes or less per month to tracking and reporting for ACA compliance, as well as production of 1095-C forms for employees. Forms Express is a simple 2-step process to satisfy the compliance requirements.

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First, during the setup process, you will enter some basic information about your company and how your medical plan functions. If any of this becomes confusing, we are always here to assist.

The second step simply requires you to tell our system what happened in common HR and benefits language. For example, if Jane was hired on March 15, 2018, was offered coverage on April 1, 2018, and elected to waive that coverage on April 15, 2018, you will simply enter those events into our system. When the events are entered, our system generates all of the codes necessary to complete Jane’s Form 1095-C. No need to dive into the instructions or keep up with the ever changing rules and regulations. It is as simple as those two steps! When it is time to file, we will handle getting the required forms to your employees and the required data to the IRS.

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Forms Express is an affordable, efficient and accurate alternative to the administrative burdens and costly expense of ACA reporting. Please feel free to try out the app for 30 days and reach out using our embedded chat feature if you have any questions.

If you would like to learn more, or watch our demo video, visit the Forms Express website at

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